What to wear on Christmas Day

What to wear on Christmas Day

If you’re like most of us, the last thing on your Christmas to-do list is organising an outfit.  That leads to the inevitable last-minute rush and then throwing together an outfit while you’re under pressure.


Looking back on your family photos for the day, you look forlornly at the image of yourself staring back and wonder why you didn’t take more care.


Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be hard.  A little forward planning and you’ll be all good to go.  First, you need to think about your role on the day.  If you’re the host then you might want to think about loose comfortable clothing for the morning while your buzzing about attending to last minute preparations, however, be sure to allocate yourself a little time before the guests are due to arrive to get yourself ready.


If your relatives are anything like mine, they’ll be early, so remember to factor this in.


Experience also tells me that if you don’t want your makeup to resemble something from the Barnum Brothers, then steer clear of pre-drinks before the guests arrive!

When I think about the perfect outfit, I’m always mindful of things I might be doing once we’re all together celebrating.  If there’s grandchildren or young children in the mix, then you could well be down on the floor, handing out presents, shoes off and getting stuck in to it.  In this case a crisp pair of white capri’s and an easy fit casual top is the way to go.  Play around with your colours and add some glamour jewellery to spice up your look.  Finish the look with some casual sandals that are easy to slip in and out of.


If your family celebrations are more formal and you’ll get the chance to just sit back and relax, then a lovely soft floral dress would be the way to go.  This season sees some lovely botanical prints in both maxi and midi lengths.  Think understated elegance and you can’t go wrong.  Pair with a comfortable heel.


Fashion never has to be boring.  With some planning ahead, you can make sure your look this season is both organised and on trend. 


And finally……don’t forget to get the photo this time, you’ll be happy you did.

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