About Us

Tulio was founded in 2014, when Ron Stephens and Stacey Dale were looking for a new challenge. Their shared lifetime in the fashion industry provided the perfect platform to create something new. This is one of those stories of a business growing from the backyard and spare room.

Both business partners had existing companies, but the landscape of fashion retail was beginning to change. Sensing this and with a desire to evolve, the seeds of a new idea were sown.

Ron already had a chain of retail stores and Stacey was a fashion agent, who also dabbled in creating websites for her customers. One day, Ron called in to visit Stacey. He told her that he was thinking of starting a website and asked if would she be interested in doing it. Stacey thought it was a great idea and immediately said, “I’m in!" 

Filled with excitement about the new venture, she started planning how the partnership would work, what they would do and what they would sell. Ron didn’t have the heart to explain that he had simply been asking if Stacey would create the website for his existing business. So all of a sudden, they were partners in a new side venture! They both describe this as a happy accident and share a laugh at the beginnings of Tulio.

So began the birth of a new business. While still operating their other companies, they set about building Tulio. Ron's spare bedroom become the photography studio, while Stacey shipped orders from her shed. It quickly became apparent that they were onto a good idea. Over the next 2 years, they decided to close their other businesses, get premises and employ staff.

Tulio outgrew the first warehouse within a year of moving in. They were lucky enough to find their current home, a 500m2 warehouse in Geebung, Brisbane, last July and set up in the new space.

Tulio now has a wonderful team of 10, who all work hard to deliver on the ethos of the company. It’s an inclusive team, with a warm and friendly attitude. Lollies on the lunch table, T2 teas, coffee, catch ups about ‘The Bachelor’ and a PT session each week are just some of the little extras that make it fun.

Most of all, Tulio is about you. We genuinely care about our customers and strive to make all contact a positive experience. Just as we are warm and friendly, so too are our customers. We are delighted everyday by the positive culture that has developed along with the Tulio brand. 





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