All about Bra's

All about Bra's

We thought we'd talk about bras. Do you hate them? The consensus here at Tulio is that we'd love to be able to go bra free! We bet it's the first thing you whip off when you get home.

It't so difficult to find one that is comfortable to wear all day long, and looks great too.

It’s a fact that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, 70% wear them too small, and 10% too big. This can affect us in many ways.

  1. It can ruin the look of a favourite top, causing lumps, bumps and unsightly bulges.
  1. It's bad for our health. An ill-fitting bra can cause many health issues including, headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, indigestion, poor posture, abrasions and breast pain.

It is really important to go and be measured by a specialist fitter when purchasing new bras. Most big department stores will have qualified staff to help you. Our biggest tip; allow time, you will probably have to try many on before you get the right one for you. Don’t be shy either, the fitters have seen it all before and should make you feel really comfortable.

Here are some of the tell tale signs your bra isn’t fitting you well: 

  1. It’s uncomfortable.
  1. The centre panel doesn’t fit snugly against your skin.
  1. You’ve got several small boobs bulging out, or you end up with a one big                   boob in the middle – aka the mono boob!
  1. The cups wrinkle and there’s space between the cup and your boob.
  1. The straps dig in, or fall off the shoulder.
  1. If you’ve had the same bra years, you probably need a new one, as the bra will be stretched and there’s every chance your shape will have changed too.

If you are top heavy and slightly chunky around the waist, you can look a bit like a barrel shape, just by having a bra fitting and wearing the correct bra, will separate your boobs from you belly and give you the waist you have always dreamed off, without stepping foot in the gym! So ladies, our advice is go and get fitted; then when you buy your beautiful new Tulio dresses and tops, they’ll hang perfectly on your body, showing you and your clothes at their best.


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Too true, Debs! A friend of mine recently lost 35kgs, and the hour she spent getting refitted for a proper bra did more for her confidence than anything else.


Thank you for reminding me – its time for an bra review!!

peta lyn moore

I was rather hoping that you guys were going into the lingerie (bra) business.Why oh why do they NOT make a front fastening bra for us older

Jean Hughes

Hi I could not agree more and am a retired bra fitter and have owned my own business in Lingerie in the retail and direct selling market. One of the reasons I like your fashions is that I am top heavy (14F) with no much bottom or hip, so I like some of your designs that don’t make the bottom of my dresses look too baggy. Most people should be refitted at least every year, sometimes 6 monthly as we change a lot as the hormones change. Having been in the direct selling arena, having someone come to your home to fit you is awesome and private. There are not too many of us old corsetieres left. My advice is to make sure your bra cup comes under your arm and sits flat to your body, not on your breast tissue. Nearly all women get the wrong cup size and as you have said it makes a huge difference to the way your clothes fall if you have the correct bra on. Cheers

Shirl Case

Thanks for the great advice. I did read recently that the ladies who wear their bra’s all day everyday, and some even sleep in them , are at a greater risk of breast cancer too.
Great to hear that someone else whips their bra off when they get home.
Love seeing you in the beautiful Tulio fashions. Everything looks superb on you.

Lynda Lea

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