Dreaming of a holiday - Destination 1

Dreaming of a holiday - Destination 1

Life is so busy sometimes it's nice to slow down and take a little time for yourself.  Even if you can't afford to go anywhere or you can't get away, it's just as nice to dream.  Maybe you are lucky enough to be planning something.  We've decided to take a little time to dream.  In no particular order, each week we will share with you where we are dreaming about. 

This week it's an exotic beach destination - Bali.

We can picture ourselves languishing by the pool in a beaded kaftan while we're served cocktails.

Our perfect day would go like this.  Wake up and go for a stroll along the beach.  Nothing heavy, this is a holiday after all. 


Wander to the restaurant for breakfast, preferably a buffet where we can pretend to nibble a few healthy options whilst indulging in whatever takes our fancy. 

Back to our gorgeous room and make an outfit change, you can never have too many gorgeous outfits on a beach holiday! 


Then we'd find a local business for a massage, if it can be whilst lying in the shade of some palm trees on the beach then even better.  Maybe a visit to some local shops, find some trinkets to take home and maybe another kaftan or two!  Wander back for lunch, we're not too hungry so just a nibble and of course a cocktail.  We're thinking Mai Thai sounds good about now. 

Mai Thai Cocktail

We could do a short tour in the afternoon.  Visit a temple or pat some Elephants.  Back to the hotel in time for happy hour at the swim up bar.  Sip half price cocktails, we're thinking Long Island Iced Tea, and sit in the pool and chat to other travelers.  Swap stories and every now and again take a leisurely paddle around the pool.  Then back to the room for a nap, it's been tough so far so we need a rest.


So now we're ready for the evening.  We'd put on one of our gorgeous dresses, perfect for balmy evenings. Wander to one of the hotel restaurants, a cocktail at the bar first of course.  Sample the local cuisine for dinner and finish it all off with some dancing on the beach or being entertained with the evening show.  Fall in to bed for a deep relaxing sleep.

Tomorrow we would do it all again!

The stunning featured image is of Viceroy Hotel Pool in Bali.

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