How to keep your crinkled clothes crinkled.

How to keep your crinkled clothes crinkled.

So you've bought a style and it's pre-crinkled.  Don't you love it?  No more ironing!  We have lots of cotton dresses and casual tops in summer that use this process. The big question now of course is how do you keep the crinkle in it.

Thankfully it's not that hard.  Here's our tips.

1. Hand wash in cold/warm water.  Check the washing instructions for the correct temperature.  We recommend hand washing so that you're not agitating it too much and can preserve as much of the prewash crinkle as possible.

3. Wring as much of the excess water out as you can.  Another tip is to lay out a towel, place your item on the towel and then roll it up into a long sausage and twist it to absorb as much of the excess water as you can.

4. Finally, twist one end of your item clockwise and the other end anti clockwise to form a long twisted sausage shape.  Once it's firmly twisted, secure the ends with rubber bands.  Some people like to leave the roll out of the sun on a table to dry.  Some people like to secure both ends to the clothes line and let it hang in that shape so it will dry faster.

Once dry, unroll it and give it a shake and it's good to go.  (We do know that some of our customers like to leave it twisted up once dry, and then they shake them out just prior to wearing)

Easy peasy.

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