Planning Your Christmas Menu?

Planning Your Christmas Menu?

Planning your Christmas menu?

At this time of year when we begin to wrangle the fairy lights, thumb through the Women’s Weekly with newfound determination, and wonder what exactly verjuice is (Maggie Beer could not be reached for comment), creating a Christmas menu can be a daunting prospect. 

Remembering a few key tricks when planning your feast, however, might just keep the stress at bay and get us one step closer to being Nigella for a day.

Let location be your guide

Christmas at home brings with it the confidence of knowing the quirks of your cooktop, the available fridge real estate, and how many appliances you can run simultaneously without courting a state-wide blackout. But if you’re heading to an outdoor or unfamiliar venue for Christmas, banish uncertainty by focusing on simple dishes that can be prepared or cooked in advanced, transported easily, or served cold, lest you encounter a dodgy oven and deflated pav.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Missing a classic catch in the backyard test because you’re stuck at the stove is no fun at all. Whether you visit, Skype, or Facebook your fellow diners before December 25, get together as early as you can to create your complete menu and negotiate the to-do list, so everyone has a chance to bat on the day (or sip champagne with their feet up). Remember that Christmas is a team effort, and you can never have too much ice.

Stock up on nibbles

Pigs in blankets? Devils on horseback? Wombats in track pants? Ok, that last one is possibly made up, but there’s no reason not to get creative and invent some nifty new nibblies to tide the hungry crowd over, with the help of kids or grandkids at your table. When in doubt, nuts, antipasto, and seasonal fruits, are easy and delicious options that never fail.

Do it your way

Every Christmas is as unique as every family, and as in fashion, there are no hard and fast rules. Whether you have your heart set on a seafood buffet, vegetarian smorgasbord, or five-course pudding degustation, what truly makes Christmas special is sharing the experience with those we love.

Things may not always go to plan, but never forget there are few dishes that can’t be salvaged with a generous application of gravy (or custard), and a culinary disaster usually makes for a good story at next year’s Christmas.

With the menu taking shape, it’s time to choose your Christmas outfit! Check out our new arrivals for chic and comfortable looks to have you feeling fabulous this festive season.

Do you have any tips, tricks, recipes, or holiday hacks to recommend? We’d love to hear them!

Tulio x

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