The Benefits of a Belt!

So why wear a belt? How could such a small feature elevate my outfit?

Here at TULIO, we can show you just how many great benefits there are to adding a belt to an outfit, no matter what your body type is.

  • You can make sure the colour of your belt aligns with another piece of your outfit to tie colours together
  • A belt can help accentuate the best features of your figure at your waist in an outfit otherwise lacking shape to emphasise your curves
  • They can assist in balancing body proportions, drawing the eyes away from broader shoulders or hips, to create an hourglass figure
  • Break up an outfit - monochrome outfits work well with a contrasting belt to show off your curvy figure

What's your body shape?

A belt can accentuate, and/or detract from a body shape so the key is to know what shape you are and what your proportions are so can work out the look you are trying to achieve.

Hourglass Rectangle Triangle (Inverted Triangle) Apple Pear

Pear shapes are usually the hips are wider than the waist and shoulders.  Use belts on the waist to give the impression of more volume in the upper body. Apples are typically thicker through the hips, waist and bust. Belts are the perfect accessory for an apple shape.  Make sure you belt at the waist, not on the hips, the aim is to create an illusion of a waist.

Inverted triangles have broader shoulders than hips. The aim is to gain more on your hips so you can balance them with your shoulders. A belt will help with this. Especially good for those with a shorter stature. Rectangles have the same width in the shoulders, waist and hips.  Adding a belt and doing it up tightly will break up the line between the shoulders and the hips. Cinching in the belt will give you the illusion of a narrower waist. Rectangular figures can wear a contrasting belt to give shape to the frame. The hourglass shape is a well defined waist with hips and shoulders approximately the same width. Adding a belt on the hourglass waist will accentuate the small waist and adding a belt on the hips will also make the waist look narrower.

6 ways to tie a Wrap Tie Belt

Choosing a curved belt is the best option for all as it hugs the body and prevents slacking or gaps around the waist.

  1. Twist at the back and tie at the front
  2. Twist at the back and tie in a bow at the front
  3. Turn the belt around and place the widest part of the fabric at the back and tie a simple knot at the back
  4. Same as 3 but a bow at the back
  5. Put in slot to tie
  6. Twist belt to make a sideways U shape
  7. Then step by step photo of the most common way to tie the wrap help.


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