The Story Behind Your Kaftan

The Story Behind Your Kaftan

Summer is coming fast, and fashions are changing to fit with the times. One of the best and most stylish ways that you can stay cool this summer is by adding kaftans to your summer wardrobe. In areas of the globe where temperatures can reach 40 °degrees, people of that region have figured out how to adapt to the heat well. Their clothing is no exception. Kaftans, with their light material and their loose-fitting comfort, lend to some of the most stylish summer and cruise wear you can get.

Kaftans are traditional to Africa and the Middle East. However, its origins are much older than even those modern-day regions. Originally a product of ancient Mesopotamia, these robes are designed to cover the whole body. Additionally, kaftans can be worn either dressed-up or dressed-down, making them one of the more versatile articles of clothing available. While these pieces are just coming into style in western culture, they have been around in eastern culture for a long time. Morocco stylised and made it their fashion accessory of choice between the 14th and 17th century.

Today, as globalisation shapes every move we make, let kaftans spice up your wardrobe and keep you cool.

The design of the kaftan is made not only to be easy fitting but also to keep cool trapped underneath the fabric. All the while, the usually-breathable fabric makes it easy for hot air to escape and cool air to stay beneath the fabric. Additionally, its full-length coverage provides perfect protection from sunburns, so it is especially ideal for the fairer-skinned beauties of the world looking for cruise wear.

How can you spice up the versatile kaftan? There are many ways. One way, which is often used in countries where the kaftan is traditional, is to wear a decorative belt around the middle. Not only does this emphasize your figure, but it also keeps loose bits of the garment from being snagged on things. Additionally, a range of jewellery can be worn to accent the kaftan. Both chunky and simple jewellerry bring out the beauty of the garment. Accessorize as you’d like to make these pieces yours!

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