Travel Tips

Travel Tips

We've put our heads together here at Tulio and come up with some Travel Tips!


  • Apply a heavier than normal moisturizer all over the night before you travel and carry a small tub with you in your hand luggage.
  • Always travel with a large wrap or pashmina, there’s nothing worse than being cold on a plane.
  • Lots of snacks are essential, not everyone loves plane food. Mints are a must for your companions!


  • Take a suitcase that is extra light in weight to start with; this then gives you more baggage allowance.
  • Decant everything from toiletries to make up into small tubs and bottles, they are cheap to buy and always handy to have once you return home, whether for your gym bag or an overnight stay somewhere.
  • Take clothes that you can mix & match, a beautiful kaftan for instance can be worn for the beach, but dressed up for the evening by adding jewelry, and statement sandals or wedges.
  • Roll your clothes in your suitcase instead of folding.  Trust us, they arrive in better condition, just a quick shake and then hang them up.  It's also easier to pack when you do it this way.
  • Don't forget to pop a laundry bag or some plastic bags in there, to keep your dirty clothes separate.  You'd be surprised how easy it is to find a laundrette somewhere during your stay where you can drop your laundry bag in and collect it the next morning, at a fraction of the price of hotel laundry.


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