We love winter fashion.   It’s so easy to put looks together, and no need for too many accessories. One of the best things about winter is jeans. There's so many colours and styles. It's something anyone can wear, no matter what your shape or size, there’s a pair out there for you. There’s skinny jeans, straight leg, high waisted - great for hiding the tummy bulge, low waisted - for those with a longer torso, boyfriend for the more casual look, along with the ripped jean which can be seen on so many celebs. Our personal favourite is the skinny jean, they're extremely flattering and comfortable.  

 A few tips for buying jeans:

Be prepared to try a few pairs and compare sizes. Sizes vary massively; this is due to the stretch in the denim, along with different washes and fit styles. It’s always best to buy jeans slightly on the tight side, as denim has a habit of giving a little, and after a few wears and washes they tend to fit perfectly.  Avoid the costly mistake of buying them when they fit perfectly, only to find a few wears later they are too big.

Also look for pocket size and positioning on your bottom. If pockets are not in the right place or they are too small, they can make your bottom look really long or a funny shape.

Everyone should have at least two pairs of jeans, one for day time, casual and a pair you can dress up for the evening. Dark or black denim looks great for evenings.

 Happy jeans shopping ladies.



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Thank you I will do this month. Need some new bras. Love the tulio clothes I have bought 5 items now and am saving up for some more. Worth the price as they fit so nicely for us slightly bigger older women with a few bluges here and there.
Thank you
Jenny x


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