Organise your wardrobe

Organise your wardrobe

We read this great tip that said to turn all of your hangers around the wrong way.  Then each time you wear something put it back in the right way.  At the end of 6 months, whatever you haven't worn, get rid of!  This sounds like a great idea but maybe remember the season and just do it for that season.  Otherwise you'll be throwing out your good jackets because you haven't worn them over the summer!

Donate or bin:

Clothes that have stains or rips - White shirts and cotton clothing after one or two seasons, because they go yellow and loose the crispness they had when new. We know a lady that buys 3 cotton shirts every season for this reason.
Clothes that you bought because they were 'practical' but you never really loved and haven’t really worn.
Odd pieces that don't match anything

 Also, if you haven’t worn it in the last 3 years you are never going to wear it.

Hang on to:

High quality staple items like cashmere or wool, or your favourite jeans that fit like a glove.
Classic styles. For example, a classic trench or coat is always in style.
Any item you love that makes you feel wonderful!

Store away: (somewhere other than in your closet. Get a bag and label it, 'One day')

Anything that was really expensive or is a sentimental favourite 

Finally, NEVER hold onto clothes thinking they will come back in style again. Yes, a fashion trend may come back eight years later, but you can be sure it will still be different enough to date your old items. (We hope frilly neck pirate blouses will never come back!)  We heard another great line that said if you are old enough to have worn the style once then you should not wear it the 2nd time around.  Think Eighties neon tracksuits!

Once you've done all of this, make sure your wardrobe makes sense how you have it hanging.  Starting left to right group your items together.  Hang all of you t-shirts or tops, then all of your blouses.  Move on to skirts, then pants, then dresses.  Finally hang your jackets and anything long or hardly used right at the end.  Some of us even colour code within each group, light to dark....too far?

You'll feel great when you've done this and might find you start to wear a few more of your clothes that you'd forgotten you had.

Tulio xx

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I really need to organise my wardrobe and thanks for the tips!

Hamptons Swim School

Very good advice and now I will have a good clean out !,,


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